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This is my other story, I started a new business in January (2017) called Foodies Taste Kitchen!... When I started my journey at The Gourmet Show 2 years ago I really didn’t know what my plan was to accomplish. I was clear, I wanted to create an online community of Foodies who showed an interest in taking gourmet products into their kitchens and cooking. I purchased many products from several companies and gave them away free of charge. I DID, I wanted control over my marketing campaign and how these products were tested in their kitchens and hopefully I could get an image back to use on my Foodie web site. This worked OK, but many of the images were often unusable. If you know me, I am a fanatic for clean, clear and beautiful images. After all, people see with their eyes first, Food is no different. Later, it hit me, I saw a new box service and I thought THAT’S IT! A Subscription Box Service would be perfect. It has been a cool journey thus far. I know my Gourmet companies believe in me and are very excited to embark on this new journey with me. When I walk into the Gourmet Show and a company shouts “Letitia’s FoodieNation” I am all short of tears I made an impression there and beyond on Social Media. I believe I have built cool relationships with many of the companies you will Taste, Cook, and Savor in the coming months ahead. I hope you will agree, I have selected a few of the finest gourmet foods on the market. I invite you to make an investment of $39.00 in my new Gourmet Food Box Service “Foodies Taste Kitchen” your taste buds will never be the same. COME, experience a new culinary Journey ... THANK YOU, Letitia Owens ...YEP Shameless self-promotion.

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